Meyer’s has been a leader in complete landscaping design and renovation services since 1986. This service is one of the cornerstones of what truly sets us - and your yard - apart from the ordinary. Our team can utilize an existing landscape and augment it with new material to accent and improve an area, or we can start from scratch and design a completely new environment.

Either way, your yard will become the talk of the neighborhood!

An easy, enjoyable process, you and your designer spend time getting acquainted, sharing ideas and discussing what you consider to be the focal point of your property. You’ll go over existing and potential uses of the area, including how much time you plan to spend on maintenance, and the aesthetic and functional changes which are desired. Anticipated completion time, final appearance and budget will all be covered in detail.

You’ll meet back at the nursery to review selected plants and materials for your approval. After these meetings to assess your needs and desires, the planning and drafting begin. Soon after, you’ll see plans for your dreamscape!