There are nurseries and then there is Meyer’s full service nursery and premiere garden center. When looking for something out of the ordinary for your yard or garden – a little something special to enhance your present landscape – or a special nursery item for your garden – make Meyer’s your destination.

Meyer's has so many unique plants to choose from, including those native to South Florida as well as other exotics. In addition to our great readily available selections, please see any of our on-site experts regarding anything you may not see in the nursery.

We specialize in special orders!

Flowering Shrubs - several which are popular in our area, include varieties of Ixoras, shown here. They bloom all year and peak in color through the warmest summer months.

Hedges - Serve as privacy buffers for your yard, as well as offering great noise absorption. In addition to functionality they are soothing to the eye as a "natural barrier." Shown are dark Green Island Ficus, and Arboricola Trinetts, for a variegated hedge. We also stock Florida Natives such as Silver Buttonwood, Cocoplum and Simpson Stopper hedges.

Palm trees – The "Prince of Trees" has become a friendly symbol of South Florida’s tropical lifestyle. We stock several varieties to meet your landscaping needs, including Foxtail palms (shown), Christmas palms(Adonidia), Roebelenii (Pygmy date palm), Sylvester palms and Bottle palms. We can special order an amazing variety of palms and cycads. Just ask!

Fruit trees – We stock citrus trees, including the Key Lime tree shown here. Fruit trees make a beautiful addition to any yard and with proper care, give so much back in the form of oranges, lemons or grapefruit!

Specimen trees – These trees which will become the centerpiece in your yard’s landscape through their natural beauty or stunning colors. Varieties include gorgeous Bougainvillea, Jatropha and even Queen’s Crape Myrtle trees (shown) – whose blooms will enchant you with their color and delicacy.

Shade trees - Have you ever stood under the canopy of a large Live Oak on a hot summer afternoon? All the cool oxygen radiating from the shade of these beautiful symbols of the "old south" is quite literally a breath of fresh air! We have a nice planting sized selection (shown).

Tropical Plants - Crotons, Bromeliads and more! Step into our miniature rain forest - with an amazing assortment of multi-colored exotics to bring life to your indoor spaces or anywhere potted plants fit into your lifestyle.

Vines – Esperanza (shown) or Tecoma Stans were originally raised by Indians of the American Southwest as well as the Mexican people and can reach 15 to 20 feet in length. Also known as Yellow Elders or Trumpet Flowers, they provide a large mass of color in a relatively short period of time during the warmest months of the year. These are just one of many varieties we can recommend.

Ground Covers – Low growing plants for covering large areas to act as a unifying element to tie a landscape together, prevent erosion or substitute for lawns in very shady areas. Evergreens such as Juniper (shown) are low maintenance and spread easily. We also carry ground covers such as the Rosy or Regular Crown of Thorns which add splashes of color to a landscape.

Bedding Plants – Whether annuals, like the several varieties of Coleus in stock, biennials, or perennials such as the Canna Lily (shown), these add floral color and interest to any area.

Herbs & Vegetables - We carry very popular, attractive herbs with exceptionally flavorful leaves. Vegetable plants are also available based on the season.

”We appreciate your exceptional work, and particularly Gloria’s excellent taste in design and incredibly expedient attention.”

John M. Terry