The grass can always be greener on your side – if it’s sod from Meyer’s Turf & Landscape Nursery! We supply the finest St. Augustine, Floratam, Empire Zoysia, Bermuda and Bahia sods which will take root, stand and flourish with proper care. In addition, we stock Palmetto, which is a shade tolerant grass great for a rich, thick lawn in those shady areas where a little less sunlight is available.

Homeowners can now enjoy the top quality sod from Meyer’s that contractors and professional landscapers have utilized in their projects for years. All sod is cut to order! You are assured you are getting fresh turf that will quickly thrive and grow into a lush green carpet you’ll be proud of.

A beautiful, established lawn adds greatly to your home’s value and to your family’s enjoyment when spending time enjoying the great outdoors. The turf experts at Meyer’s are available to help you choose the right sod for your yard and show you how to care for it too. Today, watering restrictions often seem to be in force in many communities. It pays to talk to the people at Meyer’s who know all about lawn care and are ready to answer your questions.

Let us help you understand our complete selection of turf choices:

St. Augustine Floratam – In use since 1972, this grass has a coarse texture and is great for sunny areas with moderate traffic.

Palmetto – In use since 1994, this is another St. Augustine variety providing excellent drought tolerance remaining green longer than other varieties, with a finer texture than Floratam.

Bahia – Originally introduced in 1914 from Brazil, Bahia is coarse textured and drought resistant, Bahia Paspalum provides rapid growth in large, open sunny areas such as pastures and along roadsides.

Our Specialty turf varieties include the following:

Empire Zoysia - very popular in Australia, this is a fine, soft grass which thrives in high heat and humidity with good drought resistance comparable to St. Augustine grasses.

Empress – Available since 1999, this is another fine bladed Zoysia grass well suited for golf courses, ball fields and parks as well as homes and is drought resistance.

Cashmere – According to our David Ford, this Zoysia has the texture “like a cashmere sweater.” Saline resistant, making it great for coastal areas. Somewhat higher maintenance requires more frequent mowing and fertilization.

Celebration - Another Australian import specifically developed for golf courses and sports fields for it’s fine carpet, yet tough durability and quick recovery. This Bermuda hybrid is also very drought tolerant.

Bermuda 328 & 419 - Both are finely textured Bermuda hybrids most commonly used on golf courses. 328 is medium green and very dense, while 419 is a darker green and not quite so dense. They require more intensive maintenance for best appearance.

”I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the work provided … (Your) ability to get the job done time and time again allowed me to satisfy a very demanding customer. I would have no problem recommending your services to my clients. I look forward to doing more business … in the future.”

Micah Gravel, ValleyCrest Landscape Development
Project Manager - South FL